Other Map Products

Maps Published by Individual National Forests and Grasslands

Most National Forests and Grasslands offer online maps or instructions on how to obtain a printed map.

Map Services

Nationwide datasets are published as map services. These map services are available:

Dynamic Maps

  • US Forest Service Interactive Travel Map
    This interactive travel map supplements the corresponding motor vehicle use map (MVUM) by displaying on detailed color maps the National Forest System (NFS) roads, NFS trails, and areas on NFS lands that are designated for motor vehicle use on that MVUM, as well as nearby points of interest. The interactive travel map does not replace the MVUM, which makes designations of roads, trails, and areas legally effective pursuant to 36 CFR 212.56 and 261.13. Printed copies of the MVUM are available at the corresponding District Ranger's and National Forest or Grassland Supervisor's Offices.
  • ArcGIS Online is a collaborative, cloud-based platform that allows members of an organization to use, create, and share maps, scenes, apps, and data, and access authoritative basemaps and ready-to-use apps. Several National Map Viewer Applications have been created using AGOL and include:

    For more maps please visit ArcGIS Online.

Active Fire Mapping Program, GTAC

The Active Fire Mapping Program is an operational, satellite-based fire detection and monitoring program managed by the USDA Forest Service Geospatial Technology and Applications Center (GTAC) located in Salt Lake City, Utah. The Active Fire Mapping program provides near real-time detection and characterization of wildland fire conditions in a geospatial context for the continental United States, Alaska, Hawaii and Canada. Detectable fire activity across all administrative ownerships in the United States and Canada are mapped and characterized by the program.

Also of note…

  • NVUM
    This nationwide visitor use survey provides statistically sound estimates of visitation to each national forest and to each site type. The surveys also provide information about who these visitors are demographically, why they come to the national forests, how satisfied they are with the facilities and services provided, and how much money they spend on their visit.
  • Roadless maps
    The 2001 Roadless Rule establishes prohibitions on road construction, road reconstruction, and timber harvesting on 58.5 million acres of inventoried roadless areas on National Forest System lands. The intent of the 2001 Roadless Rule is to provide lasting protection for inventoried roadless areas within the National Forest System in the context of multiple-use management.