FSTopo - Forest Service Topographic Maps

FSTopo is the Forest Service large scale Primary Base Map Series; the 7.5-minute topographic quadrangle maps. FSTopo products cover the US Forest Service lands.

FSTopo is changing in 2024 from a cartographic product to an automated map product. The cartographic FSTopo product will be renamed to FSTopo Legacy. FSTopo Legacy is a static historic reference of topographic maps. FSTopo Legacy is available in PDF, GeoTIFF, Map Service, and Tile Packages for mobile use:

About FSTopo

The new FSTopo is created from authoritative, standardized, and up-to-date data and will be the new authoritative large scale (1:24,000) map product for the Forest Service. The new FSTopo maps will be added to this website in 2024. For more information on the new FS Base Maps visit the FS Base Map website.

FSTopo Legacy is a (USFS) historical reference product that has been replaced with the new FSTopo in the FS Base Map series. FSTopo Legacy is created at 1:24,000-scale (7.5-minute Quadrangles for the conterminous United States and Puerto Rico, and 1:63,360-scale (15-minute Quadrangles) for Alaska. The FSTopo Legacy Area of Interest covers the USFS National Forests and Grasslands. The cartographic database was updated accordingly as new data sources were added by means of data revision activities, which were coordinated between the National Forest/Grassland units and the USFS Geospatial Technology and Applications Center (GTAC).

FSTopo only covers quadrangles that cover Forest Service lands. Any Quadrangle maps not available for download in the FSTopo Series may be obtained as US Topo maps from the Map Locator & Downloader on the USGS Store.