FSTopo Map Products

FSTopo is the Forest Service large scale Primary Base Map Series; 7.5-minute topographic quadrangle maps. FSTopo products cover the US Forest Service lands.

FSTopo is changing in 2024 from a cartographic product to an automated map product. The cartographic FSTopo product will be renamed to FSTopo Legacy. The FSTopo Legacy is a static historic reference of topographic maps.

FSTopo Legacy data is available in 4 different formats: geo-enabled PDF, GeoTiff, Map Service, and Tile Package. GeoTIFF and PDF maps can be downloaded from the viewer below. The PDF maps are geo-enabled PDF files and can be viewed using free Adobe Reader software, Avenza, or other apps with location tracking.

View: PDF Metadata | PDF User Guide | GeoTiff Metadata

Use the map viewer application below to search for downloadable topographic maps. Zoom in and click any quad to download PDF or GeoTiff.

To open the viewer in a separate window, click here.

Please note, the viewer functions best when using Chrome or Firefox. IE users may experience limited functionality.

To view a listing of all quad map files by 1-degree block, click here.