Chugach National Forest GIS -- Freshwater Streams

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Theme Name: STREAMS
Theme Type: Line
Most recent update: October 28, 2008

Digitized from 1:31,380 orthophoto quads. Estuarine channel types may extend beyond shoreline. Selected stream arcs on Cordova Ranger District updated October and November 2002. Presence of fish species and stream class were updated. Items UPDATE_DAT, METADATA, NOMINATED, and REFERENCE were added and coded for the updated arcs.

Metatdata can be viewed in ArcCatalog for each feature class.

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This information is being shared as a prototype. The Forest Service cannot assure the reliability or suitability of this information for a particular purpose. Original data was compiled from various sources. Spatial information may not meet National Map Accuracy Standards. This information may be updated, corrected, or otherwise modified without notification. For additional information about this data, contact Erik Jackson at (907) 743-9574.